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For almost 40 years Casco Security has provided advanced security systems to thousands of businesses in Upstate NY. Let our security experts custom design a security system to meet your particular needs.

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From one door to large multi-site locations, Casco has the right access control solution for your business.
Casco is pleased to offer our business customers the latest access control technologies, including Managed Access control & Hosted Access control systems.

Key Benefits of Access Control:

  • Control when and where visitors, contractors and employees enter your facility.
  • Lock/unlock doors at single or multi-site locations anywhere in the world.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to critical areas such as IT rooms, customer records and intellectual property rooms and critical equipment areas.
  • Receive alerts of critical doors left open.
  • Increase employee productivity and prevent workplace violence.
  • Reduce company liabilities and make your facility safer and more secure for your employees.

Managed Access Control

A Managed Access control system makes managing your access control system simple and easy and significantly reduces the time and expense of training staff to manage and update changes to the system in-house. Simply contact the Casco Central Station’s highly trained support team via an email or fax and Casco can remotely manage all access control functions including:

  • Adding and removing card privileges, printing employee cards and ID badges and door schedule changes.
  • Operate lift gates or security barriers to provide enhanced perimeter security.
  • Immediately revoke employee or contractor access at single or multi-site locations.
  • Automatically backup your data on Casco Central Station servers.
  • Provide you with alerts via a phone call or text message of critical doors left open.

More and more customers are trusting Casco to manage their day-to-day on-site access control functions.

Hosted Access Control

Are you tired of losing critical data when your in-house PC based access control system goes down, or frustrated with the inability to make changes or revisions to the access control system from off-site locations or after hours when changes are needed immediately? With a Casco Hosted Access control system you never need to worry about losing critical data again, or be frustrated that you can’t access the system from any location. A Hosted Access control system:

  • Stores all access control data off-site on secure, redundant servers so you don't have to worry about losing important data.
  • Allows instant secure access to your access control system from anywhere in the world using a cell phone, computer or tablet.

Key fobs | Proximity cards | Photo ID badges and printers | Biometric readers
Integrated Voice & Video intercom systems | Elevator control


Casco Security utilizes the latest digital and IP video technology from the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide superior video images.


A Casco video surveillance system can:

  • Provide a more secure and safe work environment for employees. Deter and document workplace violence, sexual harassment, and drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Reduce liability claims and insurance costs - Document accidents and prevent fraudulent “slip and fall” and workers comp claims.
  • Provide detailed viewing day and night of critical areas, including; parking lots, shipping docks, and other critical areas.
  • Reduce shrinkage – Monitor customer activity and reduce loss from employee theft.
  • Provide piece-of-mind. Casco surveillance cameras can be viewed via the internet from anywhere in the world on a computer, cell phone, or tablet.


IP cameras | Day/Night cameras | PTZ cameras | Covert cameras
Interior/exterior dome cameras | Networked digital video recorders
Video monitors | Remote video storage capability


Worry-free monitoring provided by Casco Security's owned and operated monitoring center located in Rochester, New York.
Superior protection 24/7. Our sophisticated security systems provide protection for all doors and vulnerable entry points.

  • Prevent break-ins, vandalism, and unauthorized access to critical areas. Monitor critical condition events i.e. temperature, water levels, chemical release, production line shut downs, HVAC monitoring, etc…
  • Casco can easily upgrade your existing burglar alarm system at an affordable cost.
  • Custom designed and installed by Casco certified installers to reduce false alarms.

Simple to use touch screens to easily arm and disarm system and view activity history.

Touch screen key pads | Wireless & hardwired systems
Critical conditioning monitoring | Cellular back-up | Panic/duress buttons





You’ve worked too long and hard to grow your business to let it go up in smoke in a matter of minutes.
To protect your employees and your investment let Casco provide you with a FREE fire alarm quote..

  • Central Station Monitoring - Casco owns and operates its own advanced monitoring center in Rochester, NY. We have been protecting businesses in upstate NY with superior fire alarm monitoring for almost forty years.
  • Systems Designed to UL, NFPA and ADA standards using the latest technology in fire protection.
  • Casco fire alarm systems can monitor existing sprinkler systems so the fire department is alerted immediately if the sprinkler system goes off.
  • Casco certified service technicians can conduct annual fire alarm inspections and provide full service maintenance to meet all local fire alarm codes.

Fire alarm system test and inspections – Casco Security can provide quarterly and yearly fire alarm inspections to meet local fire alarm codes and requirements.

Nonproprietary, digital control panels | Elevator control
Voice evacuation systems | NFPA & ADA Compliant design and installation.





Casco Security offers a broad selection of intercom options for your home or office.
From simple one door voice intercoms to sophisticated IP voice and video integration systems. Casco installed intercom systems can:

  • Protect your family or employees by giving them the ability to safely confirm the identity of visitors, delivery drivers, contractors and vendors, and then release doors at a single location, across town, or anywhere in the world with a simple touch of a button.
  • Broadcast messages to exterior doors, single offices or throughout your facility.

The intercom experts at Casco can design cost-effective solutions for any application, including:

  • Parking garages lift gates and perimeter fencing
  • K-12 offices and facilities, College and University campus buildings
  • Government buildings, hospitals, apartment buildings
  • Homes and businesses

Two-way voice intercoms | Integrated voice and video intercoms
Door release buttons





A Visitor Management System provides a fast and easy method to register visitors, print visitor photo ID badges, and keep track of visitors, vendors, contractors and guests and prevent unauthorized access to secure areas within the facility. And create a detailed record of all your visitor traffic.



  • The system is simple to use and administer and can be used at a guard station, receptionist desk, or unattended lobby or gate using optional self-registration equipment
  • Control when and where visitors enter your facility and make sure only authorized guests are allowed in the facility
  • Print photo ID badges for visitors upon arrival. Badges can be color coded for additional security to indicate clearance level, and to alert employees that the visitor has entered restricted areas
  • Optional self-registration equipment for unattended lobby or gate




Photo ID Badges and printers | Identification scanners
Built-in Cameras | Optional self-registration equipment



Is your organization prepared to quickly and safely communicate time sensitive, accurate and possibly lifesaving information to your employees, students, parents, staff, residents and authorities in the event of a fire, environmental accident, workplace violence or other emergency?

A Mass Notification system from Casco Security can allow you to quickly and easily notify individuals or large groups of emergency and non-emergency time-sensitive information wherever they may be. Secure, reliable, documented messages can be quickly sent to an individual’s home telephone, cell phone, or email address.


  • No equipment or software to purchase.
  • Mass alert messages can be initiated from a telephone, computer or the safety of a cell phone, from a menu of customized prerecorded messages, or communicate real-time information
  • The system can also be used for non-emergency communications of time sensitive information
  • Notify employees of a shift cancellation due to weather or changes in normal operating procedures, e.g. school closing early due to power outage
  • Alert maintenance staff on and off-site of critical condition events, e.g. power outages, key equipment malfunctions, chemical spills, and request additional back-up support


No equipment or software to purchase
Verified reports of when messages were received




Casco Security can provide a wide variety of perimeter protection solutions.



We are experts in:

  • Lift gate and perimeter detection systems: man traps, turnstiles and elevator control by floor
  • CCTV and Burglar Alarm Integration to detect fence breaches
  • Visitor management systems



Intercoms | Day/night cameras | Access control devices
Long range exterior motion sensors | Sophisticated fence sensors



Casco Security’s state-of-the-art Monitoring Center can provide 24/7 monitoring of critical equipment and conditions including:

  • HVAC and production line operations
  • Gas and chemical leaks
  • Water levels
  • High/low temperature of refrigeration units, IT rooms, cold storage rooms etc…
  • Elevator control by floor
  • Voice and video intercom systems

Temperature & Vapor monitors | Fluid detectors
Equipment operating sensors



Casco Security owns and operates its own technologically advanced monitoring and service center in Rochester, NY. We have been protecting homes and businesses in upstate NY with superior alarm monitoring for almost forty years.

Casco Security’s highly trained central station operators monitor your system 24/7. In the event of a fire, break-in, medical alert or critical condition, your Casco operator will immediately notify the proper authorities and promptly contact you to alert you of the event.


Casco Security has successfully designed and installed thousands of security systems for residential and commercial customers for over 38 years. A Casco representative will be happy to meet with you to provide a FREE, no obligation security evaluation of your business.

Through our membership in the PSA Security Network, the world's largest electronic security cooperative representing security system companies, Casco Security can coordinate the installation and service of state-of-the-art security systems throughout the United States.


Casco Security has a dedicated team of specially trained service technicians that are certified with the industry’s leading manufacturers. Casco’s highly trained technicians can service and install over 200 brands of security equipment.
Casco Security also offers a Full Service Maintenance option that includes:

  • All parts & labor
  • Unlimited service calls Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5pm.
  • Reduced rates after 5:00pm, weekends and holidays
  • Priority Response Service
  • Training
  • Equipment is inspected annually to insure optimum operation, i.e. cleaning, testing and replacement of defective components as needed
  • Includes Casco Central Station support services (Programming of codes, time changes, add/delete of personnel)


To prevent a serious loss or damage to inventory or critical operating equipment, Casco Security’s Central Station monitoring center can provide 24/7 monitoring of critical equipment and conditions such as; HVAC and production line operations, gas and chemical leaks, generators, water levels, high/low temperature of refrigeration units and IT rooms. In the event of a burst pipe, rising water level or shutdown of critical equipment, your Casco Central Station operators will alert you and your facility management staff at the first sign of trouble.

Make your business safer and more secure.

Casco Security can install and service over 200 brands of security equipment, including:
  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Burglar Alarm Systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • Video Surveillance Systems

  • Medical Alert systems

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